Saquana news

Have a gastronomic journey for the holidays !

... and come to SaQuaNa for a non-stop week of gastronomy! From December 28 to January 7, the restaurant will be open continuously to satisfy your desires of a gourmet and happy getaway. Book your table >> +33 (0)1 42 60 11 00

Preparations in the Kitchen at SaQuaNa

After 8 months of renovations, Aurélien, Sada, Zak, Quentin, Justine and Alexandre resumed their work, back to their regular work pace! New kitchen, more space and more clarity on what each person must do, everyone placed under Sada‘s supervision

SaQuaNa Reopens October 20, 2016

The metamorphosis took time, time to think it over, to design it, to prepare it and finally to complete it. SaQuaNa is now a new restaurant, with a rich history. It is reinvigorated, freed from the scorias of time with chef in great shape. We hope you are in the same spirit of sharing, taste and conviviality.