The end of Pascade !

The pascade is a childhood memory and I have always enjoyed serving it as an appetizer in my restaurant in Honfleur since 2006. Over time I wanted to decline it in salty and sweet versions and to create a place that is completely dedicated to him. This project resulted in the creation of "Pascade" in Paris in 2012. Today I realized my dream, I arrived at the end of what I wanted to do, the restaurant works very well and so I decided to turn the page. I sell my restaurant and the concept "Pascade" to Sebastien Pradal, who was my partner since the beginning of this adventure. Today, I devote myself to my restaurant ** in Honfleur, SaQuaNa. My spirit of man and cook is now open to discovery, fulfillment and meetings, with this deep conviction that the most greedy is yet to come!

Have a gastronomic journey for the holidays !

... and come to SaQuaNa for a non-stop week of gastronomy! From December 28 to January 7, the restaurant will be open continuously to satisfy your desires of a gourmet and happy getaway. Book your table >> +33 (0)1 42 60 11 00

In November, Pascade welcomes a new guest!

Founder of Castalie, Thibaut Lamarque is a convinced ecologist. Before having the idea to value tap water, he was a manager at Veolia Environment and Alter Eco, a pioneer of organic products in France. Naturally, his pascade will be sustainable, without meat whose ecological impact is far too important, and filled with local products, but most of all very tasty, because being gourmet and ecologist is absolutely not incompatible for this young businessman. His recipe will be à la carte in November.

In May, Antonin Bonnet will serve his pascade

Chef of simplicity that is only apparent, Antonin knows better than anyone that taste and frugality rhyme together and he proves it every day at Quinsou! I can wait to see him! He arrives 9 May at Pascade restaurant and we will be serving his puffed pancake until the end of June...

Fabrice Taravella - March 2017

A fine connoisseur of popular and sophisticated cuisines, Fabrice Taravella is a curious taster who always knows how to highlight the word cuisine. He always wanted to bring taste to as many costumers as possible by doing his job as a chef and caterer at Autour des Saveurs, and ended up creating his own puffed pancake. He has never missed a guest who comes to Pascade and over time a bond was formed… With Gnocchi al burro e salvia (Gnocchi with butter and sage sauce), prosciutto crudo (dry-cured ham), spuma di Gorgonzola (gorgonzola mousse) and ruccola (rucola), his puffed pancake has some Italian emphasis, but with a French influence! Fabrice selected everything, made his gnocchi (amazingly good!) and he balanced the flavours very well. This goes to show that you can’t make up a cuisine. Technique and taste, a critical look at what we savour, respect and humility… Fabrice Taravella’s puffed pancake will remain on the menu at Pascade in March and April 2017!

Preparations in the Kitchen at SaQuaNa

After 8 months of renovations, Aurélien, Sada, Zak, Quentin, Justine and Alexandre resumed their work, back to their regular work pace! New kitchen, more space and more clarity on what each person must do, everyone placed under Sada‘s supervision

SaQuaNa Reopens October 20, 2016

The metamorphosis took time, time to think it over, to design it, to prepare it and finally to complete it. SaQuaNa is now a new restaurant, with a rich history. It is reinvigorated, freed from the scorias of time with chef in great shape. We hope you are in the same spirit of sharing, taste and conviviality.

At Pascade, Bachès' Energy during Autumn Holidays

Our two citrus farmers with experienced taste buds created a pascade (puffed pancake) which peps up our life when the days grow shorter and become gloomier. Come and taste their pascade "citron qui riz" with Camargue rice, marinated grilled mackerel with three citrus, including the delicious citrus caviar: a real burst of flavour in your mouth. Strong sensations and discovery guaranteed!