The end of Pascade !

The pascade is a childhood memory and I have always enjoyed serving it as an appetizer in my restaurant in Honfleur since 2006. Over time I wanted to decline it in salty and sweet versions and to create a place that is completely dedicated to him. This project resulted in the creation of "Pascade" in Paris in 2012. Today I realized my dream, I arrived at the end of what I wanted to do, the restaurant works very well and so I decided to turn the page. I sell my restaurant and the concept "Pascade" to Sebastien Pradal, who was my partner since the beginning of this adventure. Today, I devote myself to my restaurant ** in Honfleur, SaQuaNa. My spirit of man and cook is now open to discovery, fulfillment and meetings, with this deep conviction that the most greedy is yet to come!